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Calling out to my dear friends and family לאי"ט


In the run up, to the major event, The Shasathon Siyum, I take the honour in inviting you to be part of sponsoring the enormous gathering of hundreds of people learning the entire shas together from the beginning of Sunday morning the 19th of September / 15 Ellul. This spiritual flame will light up again in Central London, when by the evening we will be celebrating another siyum hashas for A-TIME!!!




What is A TIME?




A Torah Infertility Medium of Exchange




In a nutshell A TIME is the family of thousands of childless couples from


around the world struggling through the darkest mazes of infertility. As they


say it is thankfully impossible for us to feel the plight and agony of these


couples in the painful silence of their homes. Apart from supporting and


guiding them through the most advanced medical routes, A TIME co-ordinates


weekends and holiday breaks getting together the couples from all over the


world, USA, Israel and Europe (many from London)  like one big family to the prestigious of venues and entertained by the most famous of inspirational figures. Indeed scores of couples have happily left


the club wheeling their pram thanks to the medical, emotional and spiritual


support of A TIME.


Read more about A TIME on OR  




I have the privilege to join these Lomdim and am committed to reviewing and


studying the following Dafim in honour of the Siyum.




Chulin 27 to 36 (10 blatt)




I am sending this to my very close friends, family and contacts. For the sake


of bringing light and hope to those thousands of needy couples and may I say


let alone in honour of our relationship and friendship!!! I ask you to please join me by


sponsoring a daf. Your name will be linked to this powerful Siyum Hashas, as


well as the zechusim generated by our day-long learning with all the


resultant brochos.




I personally thank you for your involvement in this inaugural endeavour


being held for the third time here in England. More than that, I forward to


you the heartfelt thanks from A Time:




Thank you.


Please checkout my personal page here:








Pinchas Karniol




P.S. I've set myself a goal to help raise: £1250.00, so please sponsor


towards my goal today and keep the momentum going.




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